One Killed, Six Injured in Nevada SUV Rollover Accident

When people are driving a vehicle and they realize that something is wrong, they tend to attempt to correct the problem from behind the wheel.  However, one of the most extreme dangers that can arise when something goes wrong is for a driver to over-correct a mistake.  This is particularly true when someone is driving an SUV, as these larger vehicles are more prone to rollovers than some others.  Tragically, police believe that over-correction was a main reason for a Nevada SUV rollover accident that occurred on Friday that took the life of one person and injured six others.

Woman Killed in Las Vegas Pedestrian Accident When Vehicle Jumps Curb

When people venture out into public, they tend to understand that there are certain degrees of risk involved regardless of their preferred mode of travel.  However, few if any people would ever consider themselves to be in serious danger while they were simply walking down a sidewalk.  Tragically, a woman who was doing just that was suddenly hit and killed in a Las Vegas pedestrian accident when the driver of a vehicle jumped the curb.  Police are continuing to investigate the situation and no word was offered whether or not arrests were forthcoming.

Woman Killed in Las Vegas Car Accident After Man Allegedly Runs Through Red Light

When people drive through a city environment, they face jus as much risk as those who may be driving on a highway.  That’s because motorists still need to trust that other drivers will follow the traffic laws that govern a situation, as if they don’t people will be seriously injured or killed in Nevada car accidents.  Tragically, it’s possible that a mistake made by one driver led to the death of another in a Las Vegas car accident that remains under investigation by the police.

Man Arrested After Suspected Las Vegas DUI Accident Takes a Life

When someone consumes alcohol and then gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, that person is placing anyone who may be affected by his or her conduct in a position of extreme and unreasonable danger.  Tragically, police suspect that alcohol was a factor in a possible Las Vegas DUI accident that occurred over the weekend that took the life of a man.  A driver was arrested after the crash, and he was allegedly driving in the wrong direction down a highway.