Man on Sidewalk Hit and Killed in Henderson Pedestrian Accident

Most people understand that no matter how they choose to travel, venturing out into traffic and onto public roads involves some measure of risk.  However, few if any people would ever consider themselves to be in danger from motorists while they are simply walking along on a sidewalk.  Tragically, a man who was doing just that on Friday morning was suddenly hit and killed in a Henderson pedestrian accident that took place when a driver suddenly left the road and ran the man down.

Delivery Driver Killed in Head-On Las Vegas Car Accident

Intersections are driving environments that involve several different forms of risk for motorists who encounter them.  Everyone who happens to be at an intersection at any given time needs to follow all of the relevant traffic laws so that collisions can be avoided.  If even one mistake is made, the result can instantly be disaster.  Tragically, something went very wrong early yesterday morning that caused a head-on Las Vegas car accident at an intersection that took the life of a man.  Police are still investigating the situation.

One Killed, One Seriously Injured in Las Vegas Car Accident at Intersection

People who drive through any city environment are not necessarily going to have to deal with highway speeds, but they do encounter several different driving situations on a daily basis that they must handle correctly in order to avoid accidents, injuries and potentially fatalities.  One of those environments is intersections, where if anything goes wrong disaster can be the immediate result.  Tragically, something went very wrong at an intersection late last week that led to a Las Vegas car accident that took the life of one person and seriously injured another.