Man Crashes Into Parked Police Vehicle and Arrested After Suspected Las Vegas DUI Accident

When police vehicles are parked along the side of the road conducting a traffic stop, most would assume that motorists would do whatever they could to avoid colliding with that vehicle, even if it’s unmarked.  However, if a motorist has consumed alcohol before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, then there is no predicting what could happen.  While nothing has yet been proven, a man was arrested after a suspected Las Vegas DUI accident after he crashed into a police vehicle that was stopped along the side of the road.

Man Killed in Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident after Collision with Pickup Truck

When people attempt a left turn across oncoming traffic, they need to perform instantaneous and obviously accurate calculations inside of their heads to make sure that executing such a turn can be done safely.  Even the slightest error in this regard can immediately lead to disaster.  While police are still investigating what specifically led to a Las Vegas motorcycle accident that took the life of a man, the situation did involve the driver of a pickup truck attempting to turn left before the collision occurred.

Man Standing in Driveway Hit and Killed in Las Vegas Pedestrian Accident

When people venture out into traffic, they tend to understand that they are taking on some sort of risk and that they need to trust that motorists in the area will obey traffic laws and act responsibly.  However, few if any people would ever consider themselves to be in danger while standing in a driveway in front of a residence.  Tragically, a man who was doing just that was hit and killed in a Las Vegas pedestrian accident over the weekend after a driver in the area lost control of his vehicle.