Woman Hit and Critically Injured in Las Vegas Pedestrian Accident

When drivers get behind the wheels of vehicles, they obviously have several laws that need to be followed.  If even one mistake is made with regards to these regulations, then it’s simply more likely that an accident will ensue and that someone will get hurt.  Sadly, while more information will be necessary to come a conclusion, some type of a mistake was made yesterday that led to a Las Vegas pedestrian accident.  The result of the crash was that a woman was critically injured as she was trying to cross the street.

Woman Riding in Ambulance Killed in Las Vegas Car Accident

People tend to understand that they encounter some risk when they head out onto the public roads.  However, people riding in an ambulance would not consider the likelihood of being harmed in a crash, as anyone who is already in this position obviously has enough to handle.  Tragically, a woman who was riding in an ambulance yesterday was killed after the vehicle in which she was riding was hit by another vehicle in a Las Vegas car accident.  Six other people were injured in the crash, and police are still investigating the situation.