Passenger Killed in Single-Vehicle Las Vegas Car Accident

When drivers get behind the wheels of vehicles, they take on certain legal responsibilities that they owe to anyone who may be affected by their actions.  This notion is generally referred to as the legal duty of care, and when a driver violates that duty and someone is injured as a result of his or her actions, he or she could be liable for damages.  While it’s too early to know exactly what happened, what is known is that something went terribly wrong last week in a Las Vegas car accident that took the life of a passenger in the only vehicle involved in the crash.

Press Release: The Las Vegas Wrongful Death Lawyers at Bernstein & Poisson File Lawsuit against Care Facility

Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) October 22, 2012

The Las Vegas wrongful death attorneys at the law firm of Bernstein & Poisson represent clients who have been injured and families of people who have been killed because of negligence, recklessness and intentional conduct. The firm hereby announces that it has filed a Nevada wrongful death lawsuit against an assisted living facility because of its alleged negligence in failing to oversee a person who was killed in a fall. This lawsuit seeks compensatory damages and special damages given the circumstances that surround this legal claim.

Las Vegas Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Helping Sufferers of Bed Sores

There are many different reasons that someone could encounter the need to move into an assisted living center. People advance in age or illness or they lose the ability to move around and basically to take care of themselves. Whatever the reason, people in this position trust that the staffs of assisted living centers will do what’s necessary and proper to keep them safe, happy and healthy. Unfortunately, this is not always what occurs, and too many people are mistreated while living in this type of a facility.

Woman Critically Injured in Weekend Las Vegas Pedestrian Accident

Intersections may seem like they are relatively simple in terms of properly dealing with them as motorists, but the truth of the matter is that there are several correct decisions that need to be made in order for accidents to be avoided.  Unfortunately, something went very wrong on Saturday morning that led to a Las Vegas pedestrian accident that left a woman in critical condition.  Police are still investigating the matter and as of now no one has been arrested or cited.

Four Pedestrians Injured, Two Critically, In Suspected Las Vegas DUI Accident

When people are driving or even walking in traffic, they tend to understand that they are taking on some level of risk and that they will need to trust that drivers in the area will follow all of the relevant traffic laws so that no crashes will occur.  When even one person does not follow this norm, it can quickly lead to disaster, especially if the law that is not followed involves the prohibition against drinking and driving.  Unfortunately, that’s the law that police suspect was broken on Saturday when a suspected Las Vegas DUI accident injured four pedestrians, two of them critically.