January the Most Dangerous Month of the Year for Nevada Car Accidents

car-accident-4As we move into 2013, we tend to take some time to both look back and to look forward. We also tend to plan what we’d like to accomplish during the next 12 months, and one of the things that everyone in Nevada needs to be sure to do is to stay safe when they get behind the wheels of their vehicles. There are certain times of year when the number of Nevada car accidents is higher than others, and according to statistics kept by the state January is the most dangerous month on the calendar.

Man Hit and Killed in Henderson Pedestrian Accident

pedestrian-accidentsTaxi cab drivers have difficult jobs for many reasons, not the least of which is spending hours every day navigating through varying traffic conditions.  As such, the amount of time they spend behind the wheel only increases the likelihood that they will be involved in accidents.  Tragically, that’s what happened on Wednesday night when a man was hit and killed by a taxi cab in a Henderson pedestrian accident.  Police are still investigating the situation, and fault for the crash has yet to be determined.

Why the VOCP Is Not Enough for People Harmed by Drunk Drivers

car-accident5When a drunk driver causes a car accident that leaves people seriously injured or worse, that drunk driver is usually arrested and prosecuted for his or her alleged crimes. If that criminal prosecution leads to a conviction, that defendant could potentially face a long term in prison. While this form of justice is one that is accepted by every jurisdiction in the United States, it does almost nothing to help the people who have to somehow pick up the pieces of their lives and fight to recover from the harm that was done to them in the crash.

Henderson Police Announce Stepped-Up DUI Enforcement for Holiday Season

copIt’s that time of year when people tend to unwind a bit and take it easy. They may leave work earlier than they usually do and agree to join family and/or friends for some occasions that they may not normally attend. People are happy and festive during the holiday season, but unfortunately people are also prone to making mistakes that involve the consumption of alcohol and then getting behind the wheels of vehicles. People who put themselves in this position only invite risk and danger both for themselves and for anyone else who may be affected by their conduct.

Beware of Inclement Weather and the Dangers it Presents to Motorists

car-accident-2Anyone who is familiar with Nevada understands that of all of the different reasons that people want to live here, weather is near the top of that list. This is a state that can obviously be very warm in the summer and very cold in certain parts of the state in the winter, but for the most part the skies are clear and the roads are dry. This obviously makes for relatively safe driving environments, but there is somewhat of a downside for motorists when inclement weather does arrive, as people are not used to handling these conditions successfully.