Legal Statuses in Premises Liability Cases – Your Rights Described

gavel-2The federal government estimates that as many as one million people every year are injured because of accidental falls in the United States. While many of these falls occur in someone’s own home, there are many others that take place when someone is on property that belongs to and is the responsibility of someone else. If a person is injured in this manner, he or she could respond by filing a personal injury lawsuit against that person responsible for the property, but there are several questions that need to be analyzed and answered before taking this step.

The Nevada Long Term Care Ombudsman Program – What You Need to Know

nursing-home-abuseGiven the number of older people who have encountered the need to move into assisted living centers or to acquire in-home care so that their daily needs can be met and so that they can be kept safe, more and more problems have arisen with regards to issues that include nursing home abuse and nursing home neglect. The federal government has recognized this growing issue and it has enacted legislation that helps to provide those who are being mistreated with an outlet to have their situations resolved. This program is active in every state including Nevada.

Farmers Insurance Group Discontinues Coverage for Dog Bites from Certain Breeds

dog-biteWith more than 75 million dogs currently living with people in the United States, or one dog for every four people, there will be incidents that occur. These incidents usually involve dog bites, and estimates indicate that as many as 4 million people are bitten by dogs across the country on an annual basis. This is obviously a very high number, which means that a lot of insurance claims are filed on behalf of people who have been injured as a result of a dog bite attack. The insurance industry is starting to react to this reality.

The Standards That Apply to Property Owners in Slip and Fall Cases

personal-injury-attorneysTens of thousands of people are killed across the United States every year by injuries that they suffer in falls. While some of these people have this happen to them in their own homes, many others suffer this terrible fate while on the property of someone else. People who are injured in slip and fall accidents do have legal rights that include pursuing a recovery of damages from those who were supposed to make sure that their property was safe, but there is much more involved with this process than simply sending a demand letter and cashing a check.