Scooter Rider Killed In Vegas Crash

A man riding a motor scooter was killed in Northwest Las Vegas when he was hit by another vehicle, according to police sources. Keilan Jordan Coakley, 19, apparently hit the median and was ejected from the scooter when he was hit by a 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The accident … Continued

Did She Jump? Man Defends Pedestrian Crash

An Elko man is standing trial on charges of DUI related to an accident that killed his fiancée. Jason Frazier, 38, had pleaded not guilty to charges that he killed Kelli Cantrell, 46, by driving over her with his vehicle at the Winecup Ranch near Wells. According to police reports, Frazier told officers that he … Continued

Survey Reveals Different Distractions for Men and Women Drivers

For generations, women have gotten a bad rap for their driving ability.  Jokes constantly fly around about their so-called lack of ability behind the wheel, even though statistics and studies have shown many times over that any difference in driving capabilities between the genders is negligible at best.  That doesn’t mean that there are not … Continued

Petition for Change: Couple’s Death Spurs Highway Petition

According to recent reports, a petition is now being circulated to change the road conditions at the spot where a young couple died recently on Summerlin Parkway. The family members believe that if barriers had been in place, Savanna Gonzalez and Frank Spenia could have been saved from the drunk driver that crossed into their … Continued