Motorcyclist Killed in Route 160 Crash

A motorcyclist died in a single-vehicle crash near Potosi Mountain, according to the Nevada Highway Patrol’s report. Dickie Chavez, 43, was killed when he crashed his Yamaha motorcycle on State Route 160 near Mountain Springs. The motorcycle apparently left the lane in which Chavez was traveling and drifted onto a paved shoulder. The rider was … Continued

What Does Nevada Law Say About Dog Bites?

Every year, thousands of people visit emergency rooms across the country due to dog bite injuries. These injuries range from very minor to serious enough to cause permanent disability. A few dozen dog attacks each year result in death. What does Nevada law say about dog bites? A dog bite victim in Nevada can recover … Continued

Harry Reid’s Legendary Eye Injury

Senator Harry Reid, D-Nevada, was injured in January in an accident he claims happened while he was working out in his bathroom. However, with his announcement of retirement, some sources have speculated that there was more to the injury than Reid, 75, made public. Speculation that the senator was actually the victim of assault, either … Continued

Five Things To Do At A Car Crash Scene

When you are involved in a car crash, it is easy to panic or to forget to do important things that can help you after the dust settles. The attorneys at Bernstein & Poisson in Las Vegas help victims of car accidents recover compensation for their injuries every day and have seen many instances of … Continued

University of Nevada Student Killed in Car Accident

The University of Nevada, Reno, lost a student in a tragic car accident recently, according to reports. Erica Greif, 23, was a nutrition and dietetics major as well as an employee at a local coffee shop and a competitive cyclist. She was also a member of the ZOCA-Halo Sports Hedrick Women’s Racing Team and was … Continued