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Man Crashes Into Parked Police Vehicle and Arrested After Suspected Las Vegas DUI Accident

Posted by: Jack Bernstein

According to the police, this suspected Las Vegas DUI accident occurred on Friday night on Charleston Boulevard and Buffalo Drive.  Two police officers were sitting in their vehicle while dealing with the details of a different traffic stop.  As they sat their, the driver of a Toyota sedan came up from behind them and collided with that parked vehicle.  One police officer suffered minor injuries and the other was injured badly enough to need to be transported to a nearby hospital.  A 58-year-old man was arrested after the crash.

Nevada Car Accident Statistics

First and foremost, we’d like to offer our support for the two police officers who were injured in this suspected Las Vegas DUI accident.  We hope that both are able to make a fast and full recovery.  In addition, this Las Vegas car accident will now become part of the overall statistics regarding Nevada car accidents.  Every year, thousands of people are injured and nearly 400 people are killed in these occurrences.

Las Vegas DUI Accident Lawyers

When someone is hit and injured by a drunk driver in a Las Vegas DUI accident, that injured person does have legal rights and options that could include the filing of a Nevada personal injury lawsuit in response.  If such a lawsuit is filed and it’s successful, it could led to an award of damages that compensates a plaintiff for his or her losses.

If you or someone you love has been injured by a drunk driver, you need to seek the help of Las Vegas DUI accident lawyers who have been fighting for the rights of clients for many years.  Contact Bernstein & Poisson today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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