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Three times every day across Nevada, someone is injured in a motorcycle accident. One time every week someone is
killed in a Nevada motorcycle accident. These statistics have remained largely consistent for several years despite the noble efforts that have been made by everyone from concerned citizens to public interest groups to the state government to bring about awareness of the dangers faced by motorcyclists. This all means that thousands of people suffer because of motorcycle accidents that occur in Nevada that were not their fault, and they need several different forms of help.

One of the forms of help people who are forced into this position need is legal in nature. Bernstein & Poisson has been representing clients injured in motorcycle accidents for 29 years, and during that time we have not only earned a strong track record of positive results but we’ve also come to acquire a deep understanding of what people in this situation face. In general, they face a dangerous set of roads where people do not necessarily look to collide with them, but they also do not necessarily look to avoid collisions with them either.

If you ask anyone who has hit a motorcyclist what happened and you get an honest answer, you’ll most likely hear that he or she simply did not see that person on the motorcycle. These are small vehicles that can easily be missed when moving at high speeds, and this is especially true when traffic is heavy and/or visibility is low. There is no intent involved here – it’s just a matter of getting used to seeing certain objects and not being accustomed to seeing others.

Crashing is far More Dangerous on a Motorcycle

In addition to the danger of having people not see them, motorcyclists also face an extreme degree of danger that other motorists do not. Even if a motorcyclist is wearing a helmet, any crash with another vehicle will involve a direct impact between that motorcyclist’s body and the other vehicle. Most crashes also involve a severe impact between that motorcyclist’s body and the pavement below. Each of these collisions generates such force that they can be devastating if not deadly, and people in larger vehicles simply cannot appreciate this risk. If they did, the problem of not seeing people on motorcycles would likely not be as prevalent.

People who are injured in motorcycle accidents in Nevada need to focus on their physical and perhaps emotional recovery, as their injuries are often much more serious than those involved in car accidents in Las Vegas. They do not need to deal with insurance company representatives who will work to minimize the amount of payout that’s provided to the injured motorcyclist. Handling these skilled professionals requires an equal amount of skill and professional experience.

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The team at Bernstein & Poisson has been earning results for clients so that they can put their energy towards getting better. If you or someone you love has been wrongfully injured in a crash of this type, contact the Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyers at the firm today to schedule a free initial consultation so your legal rights can be protected and enforced.

50 years combined experience

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Bernstein and Poisson are personally involved from the first call to your case resolution. Please call us before you speak to an insurance company.

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