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Press Release: Jack Bernstein & Associates Obtains Six Figure Settlement In Trip And Fall Case

Posted by: Jack Bernstein

As soon as Aguado contacted Jack Bernstein & Associates, the firm immediately worked on trying to secure physical evidence that could help win the case. Aguado told the lawyers that the complex had already removed the metal pole. Fortunately, the lawyers successfully obtained a photo of the pole prior to its removal that an acquaintance had taken on a cell phone. In order to put maximum pressure on the complex’ insurance company, Bernstein decided that the prudent strategy was to quickly file a lawsuit. Once suit was filed, settlement negotiations were initiated which led to a successful resolution of the case. Bernstein was also prepared to argue that the lighting in the area was deficient.Jack Bernstein is pleased that he was able to obtain an amount of money to fairly compensate Mr. Aguado for his injuries and the pain and suffering that he has endured. The key to this case was the firm’s aggressive work to secure the picture of the pole from someone’s cell phone before it was deleted combined with Bernstein’s effective litigation and negotiation strategy.

Jack Bernstein has more than 25 years experience and handled thousands of trip/slip and falls. Bernstein’s partner, Scott L. Poisson, has more than 16 years experience representing individual’s injured as a result of negligence. Jack Bernstein & Associates aggressively pursue trip/slip and fall cases because the firm believes that property owners have a duty to properly inspect and maintain their properties to remove hazardous conditions so as to prevent serious injuries. If you have been injured due to the carelessness or negligence of another person or business, contact Jack Bernstein & Associates to discuss your potential case. The consultation is free.

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