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Press Release: The Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers at Bernstein & Poisson File Car Accident Lawsuit

Posted by: Jack Bernstein

Specifically, this lawsuit was filed in October of 2012 in the District Court of Clark County, Nevada, and it was assigned a case number of A-12-670802-C. The case was assigned to department number 22, and it named Geico Insurance Company as a defendant in the case. The case seeks a recovery for injuries that were allegedly suffered in a crash that occurred in the area and because of the defendant’s alleged refusal to pay a valid claim.

According to court documents, the plaintiff is seeking damages from the defendant insurance company because the plaintiff had purchased uninsured/under-insured motorist coverage from the defendant and she sought to recover on a claim filed after a car accident that occurred in Las Vegas on December 24, 2011.

The court documents state that the case concerns a Las Vegas car accident that occurred on that date in which the plaintiff and her husband were hit from behind by another vehicle while they were stopped at an intersection. The other party involved in the accident allegedly did not have sufficient insurance coverage to deal with the damages that were incurred in the crash, which led the plaintiff to file a claim with the defendant insurance company.

Finally, the court documents allege that the defendant insurance company did not act in good faith and therefore breached the covenant of good faith and fair dealing by violations of the provisions of the Unfair Claims practices Act (NRS 686A.310 et seq), violation of which was done with the Defendant’s actual and/or implied knowledge.

The plaintiff seeks a recovery of damages from the defendant insurance company that would compensate her for losses that relate to injuries to her neck and to her back. The court documents also state that the plaintiff is seeking recovery for the attorneys’ fees that have been and will be incurred as the case moves towards completion.

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Bernstein & Poisson is a Las Vegas law firm comprised of Las Vegas personal injury lawyers who represent clients who have been injured because of negligent, reckless or intentional actions of others. The attorneys at the firm handle personal injury matters that include bad faith insurance cases, auto accidents, dog bite attacks, premises liability, wrongful death, sexual abuse, nursing home neglect and abuse and several other types of legal matters where a client has been wrongfully injured by the actions of others.

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