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Press Release: The Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers at Bernstein & Poisson File Slip and Fall Lawsuit

Posted by: Jack Bernstein

Specifically, this lawsuit was filed in October of 2012 against Harrah’s Imperial Palace Corp., d/b/a The Imperial Palace. The case was filed in the District Court of Clark County, Nevada and it was assigned a case number of A-12-670081C. The lawsuit was assigned to Department Number XXV, and it remains active and pending in terms of status.

According to court documents, the plaintiff in the case was lawfully on the premises of the defendant on October 30, 2010 as a paying guest. As the plaintiff was walking on the property, she slipped and fell in liquid that was located on the floor. As a result of this fall, the plaintiff suffered a fractured back and other injuries. As a result, she seeks the recovery of damages in order to compensate her for her medical costs, pain and suffering and other forms of losses incurred.

The court documents specifically allege that the defendant failed to meet its legal duty to the defendant by failing to (a) exercise reasonable care in performing routine cleaning/ maintenance of the premises, (b) warn guests of dangerous conditions on the premises, (c) inspect for dangerous conditions on the premises, (d) cure dangerous conditions on the premises and (e) follow the appropriate safety protocol.

In addition to the allegations detailed above, the court documents also allege that the defendant was negligent in its hiring and supervision of the employees at the defendant’s place of business, and that this negligent hiring was also a contributing cause to the accident that led to the filing of this Nevada personal injury lawsuit.

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Bernstein & Poisson is a Las Vegas law firm comprised of Las Vegas personal injury lawyers who represent clients who have been injured because of negligent, reckless or intentional actions of others. The attorneys at the firm handle personal injury matters that include slip and fall cases, bad faith insurance cases, auto accidents, dog bite attacks, wrongful death, sexual abuse, nursing home neglect and abuse and several other types of legal matters where a client has been wrongfully injured by the actions of others.

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