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About Scott Poisson

Mr. Poisson graduated from Davidson College in North Carolina with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics in 1990. While at Davidson, Mr. Poisson was a three-year starter on the NCAA Division I soccer team and served as Co-Captain his senior season. Upon graduation, Mr. Poisson pursued his lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer and enrolled at the University of Miami Law School. He graduated with honors in 1993.

In 1991, during a summer clerkship following his first year of law school, Mr. Poisson worked on a legally complex case involving a dock worker who suffered brain damage from a fall. The experience fostered his desire to protect the rights of individuals and families who were the victims of negligence. Since graduating from law school in 1993, Mr. Poisson has worked exclusively on representing the injured victims of individual and corporate negligence. In conjunction with his partner, Jack Bernstein, Mr. Poisson works very closely with the associate lawyers, paralegals, and support staff to maximize recovery for the firm’s clients.

Mr. Poisson’s Professional Career

Currently, Mr. Poisson is admitted to practice in both state courts and Federal courts in Arizona, Florida, and Nevada. In addition, he has worked on catastrophic injury cases in Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas.

Mr. Poisson has a broad background in personal injury. He has significant experience in the handling of catastrophic injury cases that resulted from the negligence of drivers, health care providers, manufacturers, and property owners. Mr. Poisson takes pride in his aggressive and meticulous preparation of his cases. He also believes that it is important for the client to be fully informed so that the client can make informed decisions. As a result of his endeavors, Mr. Poisson has played an active role in obtaining significant compensation for clients. In the process, he has provided a voice for many people who did not have the ability to fight their own battles against corporate and individual greed and carelessness.

The following is a sample of the results achieved through the contributions of Mr. Poisson:

Nursing home/Assisted Living Facility: More than $600,000 for an elderly client who was not properly supervised resulting in a fractured shoulder.

Products Liability: Multimillion dollars for a client who lost a leg when a tire exploded while he was repairing it.

Construction/Industrial: Multimillion dollars for a client who suffered catastrophic damage to his eyes as a result of the negligent operation of a construction vehicle.

Medical malpractice: Multimillion dollars for a client who became paralyzed as a result of the failure to properly evaluate an x-ray.

Wrongful death: Insurance policy limits exceeding $1 million for death due to a healthcare provider’s failure to timely recognize the symptoms of diabetes and admit a patient.

Automobile: Insurance policy limits exceeding $1 million for catastrophic head injuries.

Areas of Practice:

When not working, Mr. Poisson enjoys sports and fitness and spending time with his wife and three children.

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