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Survey Reveals Different Distractions for Men and Women Drivers

Posted by: Jack Bernstein

Distracted_DriverFor generations, women have gotten a bad rap for their driving ability.  Jokes constantly fly around about their so-called lack of ability behind the wheel, even though statistics and studies have shown many times over that any difference in driving capabilities between the genders is negligible at best.  That doesn’t mean that there are not certain differences in driving habits and norms, though, and studies and surveys have been done over time that have taken a look at those differences.  Another group has recently completed a thorough look at this gender difference.

DMEautomotive recently completed a very detailed survey that delves into all different types of distracted driving.  One of the variables that the survey focused on was the types of distractions that drivers admitted to engaging in within the previous 30 days of driving.  That data was then divided by gender.  A link to an article describing the survey can be found here, and the results were gleaned from asking 2,000 individual motorists about what they tended to do while behind the wheel.  Below are 15 distractions that drivers admitted to taking their focus off the road and the percentage of each gender that engaged in these activities.

Distraction                                          Men                      Women

Talking on Phone                               50 percent          52 percent

Singing Out Loud                              49 percent          65 percent

Eating                                                   48 percent          51 percent

Reading Text Messages                    26 percent          26 percent

Sending Text Messages                    22 percent          18 percent

Taking Photos                                     15 percent          10 percent

Reading Emails                                  15 percent          9 percent

Sending Emails                                  12 percent          6 percent

Watching TV                                       10 percent          3 percent

Changing Clothes                               8 percent             4 percent

Reading                                                8 percent             2 percent

Working on Laptop                           8 percent             3 percent

Putting on Deodorant                       7 percent             4 percent

Brushing Teeth                                   7 percent             3 percent

Flossing Teeth                                    6 percent             4 percent


There are a few takeaways that can be drawn from this data, including:

  1. Too many people talk on the phone, sing, eat and send and read text messages while they are driving regardless of gender.
  2. Some distractions that all drivers admitted to engaging in within the previous 30 days will seem outlandish to many people who see this list.
  3. In general, men tend to be more prone to distractions while driving than women.
  4. No one can be too careful while on the road, as we are constantly sharing the roads with people who are not paying attention to what’s in front of them.

Distracted driving is negligent driving, and people who cause car accidents because they are distracted can and frankly should be found liable for damages that they cause.  Many states have laws in place regarding distracted driving, and those laws have become more prevalent since cell phones became basically ubiquitous.

If you or someone you love has been harmed by a distracted driver, you need to take action to stand up for your legal rights.  Contact the Las Vegas injury lawyers at Bernstein & Poisson today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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